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Stories of Wellness and a Genuine Business…

Be among many of our testifiers! 

Captivated by usage of our cellular products, by NEOLIFE. We welcome you to hear from few of our global “product’s reviews” – mailings from our parent company’s Lifestyle Magazines.

First, we’ll want us to understand what NEOLIFE stands for. “NEO” means New and Life. With her dietary wholefood supplements, your health can be managed and/or maintained absolutely well. Have you used any of our phyto-nutrients or anti-oxidant compounds before now? Read testimonies here below – DECIDE!


“Without NeoLife, we would not be where we are today,” says Fikile Mokoena from South Africa. She and her husband, Mdu joined NeoLife in 1983. “We both earned salaries but would struggle at the end of the month. I wanted a better life and NeoLife provided that.”

As the family have been using the products for so long, Fikile feels they have saved themselves from many avoidable illnesses. “NeoLife has given us quality of life regarding health. We are a healthy family that does not suffer from any chronic diseases or conditions, thanks to NeoLife products.”

As a trained nursing sister, Fikile is aware of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause but has never experienced them herself, despite being 69-years old. “When I go to the doctor, I don’t have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. My heart beats strongly because of these magnificent products!” 


“I didn’t have to look for a job after I graduated because I had already started my NeoLife Business,” says Samukelisiwe Mokoena from South Africa. “I was very sickly back then, always in and out of hospitals, but the doctors couldn’t pinpoint a diagnosis. It was affecting my studies. Linda suggested Formula IV Plus and Aloe Vera Plus, and I felt like a new person. I no longer felt sluggish, bloated, or weak. After joining the Business, I learnt more about the products and started using more.” 

Now 42-years-old, Samukelisiwe has not been hospitalised since – except when giving birth to two beautiful girls. “I have a family history of eczema and asthma, and both my daughters were born with digestive, respiratory and skin allergies.” At the age of 5, her eldest daughter, Kuhle was diagnosed with a skin condition that causes raised red bumps or lesions. 

“Doctors said her skin wouldn’t clear unless we used topical steroid creams or injected steroids directly into the lesions for the rest of her life. We consulted doctors we know who work in NeoLife and introduced Acidophilus Plus and Garlic Allium Complex into her daily nutritional routine.” 

Kuhle, is now 11-years-old and her skin, including her scars, have cleared completely. “We alternate between using LDC and Personal Care Concentrate in the bath, and then I apply a mixture of Nutriance Body Luv Both Oil and Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion. It has helped clear my skin so well you can’t even tell I had any issues.” It’s all thanks to consistent use of Vita Squares, Vita Guard, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus, Acidophilus Plus, Garlic Allium Complex, Nutrishake and Vitamin C Sustained Release

“NeoLife helps me stay focussed and it shows because I do very well at school. They also give me enough energy to play all my favourite sports,” Kuhle says. 

Samukelisiwe appreciates that she is her own boss in her Business. “I have been present at every milestone my girls have reached and that is a blessing.” The pair have had incredible financial freedom as a result of their Business, living in a free-standing home completely bond-free.


We’re not a statistic of heart disease, cancer, or any of the challenges that go with ageing,” reveals Noela McDermid from South Africa. This is because she and her husband Rory have consistently taken advantage of NeoLife Nutritional’s for over 4 decades. The couple were newly married when they joined, and Noela was grateful for the freedom to be a stay-at-home mother, while she built the Business. 

While pregnant, Noela used Formula IV, Multi, Nutrishake, Chelated Cal-Mag and Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus. “I was excited to have these products and know I could take them during my pregnancies. The most interesting thing for me was that I appeared to be the only mother who didn’t spend hours at clinics or doctors’ rooms with sick children.” The couple have two healthy, highly successful children who are now adults and have families of their own. “NeoLife has benefitted our family tremendously in all aspects of life and is now having an impact on our grandchildren.” 

“NeoLife enabled us to pay off the bond on our house and buy our dream holiday home – all this while we were young and could enjoy our privileged lifestyle together as a family,” Noela says. “One of my greatest joys has been linking arms with other women and, with the same mission, making a difference in others’ lives. I salute all those special ladies in my life. This Business is incredible because you can build it as big as you dream. There is no limit on the income you could earn, or hours you are restricted to. I am confident that every woman needs the NeoLife Journey and Products in their lives.”


“I’ve always been a healthy and active person, but I used to suffer from intense migraines,” reveals Tanya McDermid from South Africa. “Sometimes, they would last up to a week. I also had daily nausea and abdominal pains that got so severe I was hospitalised a few times. As my career advanced, I battled with exhaustion and fatigue.” 

Tanya is married to Noela’s son Drew McDermid, making them second generation NeoLifers. That’s how she discovered NeoLife, “Drew grew up with NeoLife in his family. He is never sick and is always full of energy, so joining the Business was easy and felt natural.” 

“By taking NeoLife products, I have eliminated my migraines. I’ve not had one in 17 years! The abdominal pains are gone, my energy levels are consistent throughout the day, and if I do get sick, it’s seldom and extremely mild.” In addition to using the Golden Home Care and Nutriance range, Tanya takes Pro Vitality, PhytoDefence, Chelated Cal- Mag, Chelated Zinc, Vitamin A & D, Acidophilus Plus, Full Motion and Botanical Balance.

As a young bride, Tanya was comforted by the fact she could take the products before and during pregnancy, as well as while she was breastfeeding. “I feel I was able to give my children the strongest start in life. With 3 children born so close together, the products also helped get me through some very busy, sleep deprived years.” By joining NeoLife, Tanya was able to leave her corporate job and raise her family. “We have travelled extensively and have the freedom to live a wonderful lifestyle. My NeoLife Business taught me to grow as a person, to build confidence in myself but more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to do something that I loved.”


Tanya and Drew’s daughter, Ana Mae McDermid is a third generation NeoLifer and considers herself lucky not to have struggled with any major health challenges. “Especially when I see how many children my age battle with health and concentration problems.” The 13-year-old has been using NeoLife nutrition for as long as she can remember. “My mom took the products while she was pregnant with me, and my parents used to crush up Vita Squares and Vita Guard to put in my drinking bottle,” she laughs. 

Ana Mae is very dedicated to her vitamin routine, as she believes the products helped ‘break the allergy cycle’ in her family. “My mom’s family had a history of allergies, so my parents gave me Acidophilus Plus from a young age, and it worked! My siblings and I have no allergies.” She takes Acidophilus Plus daily, and Nutrishake for breakfast, followed by Formula IV, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus, Carotenoid Complex, Vitamin B. Co. Sustained Release, Chelated Cal-Mag and Vitamin C. Sustained Release

“School can be exhausting, so I rely heavily on my Nutrishake and vitamins to help me cope physically, as well as give me the mental strength to perform academically.” Ana Mae has maintained her position in the A class for several years, as well as kept up with a busy extra-mural schedule that includes horse-riding, marimba band and dance classes. “I think a lot of my accomplishments at school would have been harder to achieve without the energy and concentration my nutrition provides.”


NeoLife helped me to learn what independence was at an early age, as my mother has been a member since I was 3-years-old. I had bronchitis then, and my mother joined the Business to invest in the products and help me,” says Rahab Nyokabi Munene from Kenya

As a child, Rahab was given Nutrishake, Vita Squares, Vita Guard and Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus. “These products helped clear my bronchitis. In fact, because I’ve been using NeoLife Products since I was so young, my immune system has remained strong throughout my life.” 

“Towards the end of 2017, I became lazy and depressed. My mothers’ persistence was my saving grace, and despite being a very shy person, I joined as a Distributor in February 2018.” Now 22-years-old, she claims it was one of the best decisions in her life. “NeoLife saved me from depression. It taught me to be independent by making my own money and gave me incredible leadership skills that have opened so many opportunities for me in school, and in the entrepreneur world.”  

Rahab works her Business part-time, as she is still a full-time university student and runs a non-governmental organisation (NGO). “I’m a fitness and nature enthusiast, and I’ve always dreamed of exploring the world. Being a student, I couldn’t afford those kinds of hobbies. With NeoLife, I have been able to fund my own adventures and I can afford to do it all without having to turn to my mother for help. I love having that kind of freedom.” 

Rahab loves the feeling she gets from taking Tre-en-en, Chelated Cal-Mag, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus, Vitamin C Sustained Release and Fibre Tablets. “I may love fitness, but I also love food,” she laughs. “Fibre Tablets has become my best friend in my fitness journey, as it has helped reduce cravings and suppress my appetite.”


“I am a medical practitioner, and to be effective in my job I need to be healthy,” explains Mary Wogun from Nigeria. She and her husband Michael joined the Business in 2012 to help combat Mary’s health issues. Mary is under 40-years-old and suffered from severe rheumatism and osteoporosis. “This led to me using walking sticks just to get around. I was in a lot of pain, and my health affected my daily routine, especially my work because walking makes my job easier,” she laughs. 

Mary and Michael desperately needed the income, as they were deep in debt before starting their NeoLife Business. “They say, ‘health is wealth’ and I needed to regain my health in order to work.” The pair became Distributors and Mary began using Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus, Tre-en-en, Chelated Cal- Mag, Full Motion, Lipotropic Adjunct and Carotenoid Complex. “Through the help of God and NeoLife Products, I have regained my health.”

Mary can now walk unaided. “I no longer have to use walking sticks, and I feel stronger than I have in years.” The pair work their Business full-time. Through their hard work and dedication, they’ve managed to pay off their debts and make a profit each month. “I have been able to spend more time with my family, and we have built a beautiful, four-bedroom cottage and bought an Acura Jeep. Our son goes to the best school in our area, and I have become a better person.” 

Mary thinks the combination of her medical education and her NeoLife Business has made her a better person because she can help more people achieve better health. “I’m helping others achieve their dreams, all because I get unshakable support from the company. I still have high hopes for my Business.”


Before we first heard of NeoLife, I weighed 110kgs,” explains Virginie Flore Mogou from Cameroon. “I had back pain and gastric pain. I suffered from ovarian cysts and severe menstrual cramps every month. These conditions were burning through our savings, as all our money went towards hospitals and medications.” The 34-year-old, mother-of-two admits that she and her husband, Pierre Tamba, had to take their children out of school. “We didn’t have money to pay the fees. It was very difficult; I felt like I had lost my beauty, my health and my joy in life. It was like we were watching our dreams be buried under poverty.” 

The pair seized the NeoLife Opportunity in June 2016 and have been using the nutritional products religiously for the last 5 years. “My favourite product is Tre-en-en as it has helped ease the severity of my back pain and menstrual cramps.” In addition to giving Virginie the energy to run a successful NeoLife Business and chase after two children, Tre-en-en has helped ‘pave the road to good health’ for the whole family by providing nutrients the body cells need to work efficiently.

“I use Pro Vitality every day as the sachets contain Tre-en-en and Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus. This has helped clear up the skin issues that would come with my monthly cramps. I also take the Daily Vitality Pack, to make sure I get a balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals, and I love Chelated Cal-Mag.” To help manage her weight, Virginie added NeoLifeShake to her daily routine and she couldn’t be happier with the results. “Thanks to all these products, I have regained my confidence, my youthfulness and my health.” 

“Today, I’m a happy, fulfilled, financially independent woman. By working our Business full-time, I set my own schedule and we earn a lot of money. I have been able to build our beautiful home and send our children to the best school. I even managed to build a house for my beloved mother. I pay the bills; I dress better and I’ve discovered the beauty of my country, because NeoLife has helped me travel. When I started this venture, all I wanted was a little motor scooter like the other women in my area. Thanks to my NeoLife Business, I have bought one for myself and now, nothing can stop me!”


“My menstrual cramps were so bad that I would end up skipping school and in later years, work. I would be curled on the floor, crying because of the abdominal pain, dizziness, vomiting and headaches. I often had no appetite at all,” says Esther Adeosun from Nigeria. In addition to severe menstrual cramps, Esther had seasonal eczema that would form painful patches across her face and body. 

“I was bullied at school because the eczema was visible and I was always scratching. I didn’t let it get to me because my goals were to find a solution.” Little did she know that when she was introduced to NeoLife through her Sponsor Emmanuel in 2010, the solution had found her.

Esther began using a combination of products – namely Fibre Tablets, Tre-en-en, Chelated Cal-Mag, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus, Chelated Zinc and Garlic Allium Complex. “This combination has helped give me my appetite back and it’s cleared up my skin. I feel that the omega-3s have helped prevent those rashes and patches from returning. I can’t go without my Chelated Cal-Mag as it relieves my menstrual pain. It also helps keep me calm and helps with the dizziness I get during that time of month.”

Esther started her Business on a part-time basis but wasn’t getting the results she wanted. So, she resigned from her nursing job and began working it full-time. Esther also married the man of her dreams, Emmanuel. “Today, I am living the life I desire. I earn more money and have time to spend with my family. I’m relieved I can watch my children grow and be present for their milestones.” Through the NeoLife Opportunity, the two of them have bought their own cars and several different properties – something Esther never thought was possible within 10 years of signing up.


“I am proud of the person I have become, thanks to the personal development training I have received through NeoLife,” says Joan Namujuzi from Uganda. “I am grateful when I see how many lives are changed for the better when I share the Products or Opportunity.”

Joan’s health deteriorated while she was finalising her degree in Computer Science in 2016, and that’s when she came across NeoLife. “I had severe abdominal pains after I ate. Sometimes the pain would be so bad I could not work, and I spent a lot of money on medical bills. I constantly felt weak and unproductive, always in and out of hospital.”

The 30-year-old uses Pro Vitality, Vitamin C Sustained Release, Tre-en-en, Chelated Cal-Mag and Chelated Zinc. “These products keep my energy levels up and my abdominal pains are gone. I no longer suffer from body aches or colds and infections. I am full of energy and feel more alert during the day. I am in perfect health.” “I don’t have to wait until the end of the month for my salary

because, with NeoLife, I earn a daily profit. Sometimes, I earn more money in one day than some people earn in a month. All while deciding how I spend my time, without any limitations on doing what I love.”

“My NeoLife Business has empowered me by giving me financial freedom and allowed me to pay off my student loans. I have travelled, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I were still paying off debt. What I love most is that I have more knowledge about health care and financial management – simply by running this Business.”


When I joined NeoLife in 1996, I was healthy, but my 5-year-old daughter was born premature and she was struggling,” says Monica Cudjoe from Ghana. The 66-year-old fondly recalls the day she was introduced to NeoLife while on a trip to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. “I was asked if I wanted to earn an extra income. I said yes because the start-up fee was reasonable, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to invest in myself.” 

“At that time, we were visiting the hospital every two weeks. All my savings were going into taking care of my daughter. The stress was taking a toll on me.” After a month of giving her toddler NeoLife’s whole-food children’s nutrition, her health began to improve. 

“Over a short period of time our hospital visits stopped altogether. Today, my daughter is a healthy and beautiful 30-year-old woman, who is a medical doctor.” Monica credits the combination of Vita Squares, Nutrishake and Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus for improving her daughter’s health. Monica believes she would have more medical issues by now if it weren’t for NeoLife. “Every woman has nightmares about menopause. NeoLife Products have helped me so much that I never experienced menopausal symptoms. Even now, at 66-years, I am full of energy, alert and focussed, and I can still read without glasses,” she says proudly. 

What Monica appreciates most about her NeoLife Business is the flexibility. “I run a family business alongside my NeoLife Business. I needed time to take care of both, and NeoLife has given me the freedom to do that comfortably. My Business is incredibly rewarding financially, as I make more than I need to keep me going. Plus, NeoLife has given me the opportunity and freedom I needed to live a full life – I have travelled to incredible places like Abu Dhabi. Who else can say the company they work for takes them on holiday? I have time for myself and for the family, and our products have kept us all healthy and strong. Over the years, I have built a wonderful Team that continues to grow every day, and these people have become my family.”


When you’re always on-the-go, you need quality nutrition to help keep you going. That’s why former Miss South Africa 2015 and current radio presenter, Liesl Laurie loves NeoLife. She has brought her beauty and vivacious spirit to the NeoLife stage at Southern Africa Convention for the past four years, and now she reveals which NeoLife products she can’t live without, as they help keep her on top of her game year-round. 

“I was first introduced to NeoLife by my colleague at Jacaranda FM, at an event. The company captured my interest, so I researched NeoLife and became familiar with the products. While most people would groan at the thought of having to be up at 04:00, Liesl is an early-bird. She would usually arrive at the broadcasting studio by 5:15, ready to go on air at 06:00. Thankfully, she gets a good night’s rest, and she credits Chelated Cal-Mag for that. “I swear by Cal-Mag – it’s a very big part of my diet and daily routine. I definitely sleep better thanks to it.”

Chelated Cal-Mag – contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function and the development and maintenance of bones & teeth. Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet and a regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, Liesl was broadcasting from her lounge. To help keep her immune system at its best, Liesl turns to Pro Vitality. “That is my favourite product, my absolute number one, I can’t live without. I honestly don’t know what would happen if I couldn’t have it,” she admits. “I used to get sick every few months with a throat infection or an itchy ear, a runny nose. Since I began taking this product consistently, I have not been to the doctor for any flu-like symptoms or because I’m feeling run down. It has been almost 2 years now, and that’s amazing – especially for me!”

Another of Liesl’s firm favourites is the delicious, nutritious NeoLifeBar. “This was the first NeoLife product I was introduced to, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. There is always one in my bag. I always have one with me because if it gets to a point where I can’t have a meal, instead of eating a bag of crisps, I pull out my healthy, snackable NeoLifeBar and have that instead. I simply love the convenience of having health at your fingertips.”

“When I don’t have to share it with my mom, I add NeoLifeShake to my morning smoothies. I know I’m getting the nutrients my body needs and it gives me energy throughout the day. “My grandmother is my favourite person in the world, and aloe vera is her favourite thing. She has an aloe plant; she loves all things aloe vera – she believes in using it on your skin, putting it on sores, just about everything. So, when I was first introduced to Aloe Vera Plus, I shared it with her, and she has been hooked ever since. I often pass this along to her because I feel like she needs it more than I do, and I think she appreciates it so much.”

Faith & Okiemute Dese – Nigeria

“We, and our Team are excited and very motivated for being awarded No. 1. Only through hard work, focus, and Team spirit did we achieve this. We always know with teamwork ‘together everyone achieves more.’ This award will create success in our Team and will always give us the morale to keep moving. Special appreciation to the NeoLife opportunity and our amazing Team. We move!” 

“Wow, our first trip as 4 Ruby Directors and we go to Zanzibar! The trip was so exciting, unique, and amazing! I joined the business as a frustrated, poor student. Who would have believed that a poor student like me would be traveling internationally, and staying in a 5-star hotel, courtesy of NeoLife? The chance to connect and meet with other successful people in the business was amazing. We see a brighter future with NeoLife. For me, NeoLife is a God-send for my family.”


Before NeoLife, I was very sick with gastric problems, haemorrhoids and chronic malaria. In 2011 I was told I needed surgery for a hernia. During the surgery, they discovered I actually had a chronic gastric issue, and I would need constant medication. When I went to collect my medications, the pharmacist recommended a few products from NeoLife. He convinced me to attend a seminar and I bought Pro Vitality as it was the best seller. I was travelling when I started taking the product and worked two full days without feeling run down or tired. I realized the strength and energy came from Pro Vitality+. It has renewed my virility, energy and my immune system to the point where I no longer suffer from gastric issues, or anything else. Everyone who loves their body should use NeoLife. Long live health, long live NeoLife!” 

Dairou Abdoulaye, Cameroon



My customer, Madam Genevieve Dwamena Akenteng, is a practicing nurse and she regularly suffers from numbness, headaches, chest pains, fatigue and weakness. This affected her greatly as it came to the point where she could not work. I introduced her to Pro Vitality+, and she returned a few weeks later with joy and testimonies. All her health challenges were gone, and she could not believe it! She said it was the greatest miracle she had ever experienced. She is so grateful to NeoLife for the scientifically proven supplements that make life better and the world a happier and better place to live.” 

Prince Welbeck Asamoah, Ghana




“For 13 years my mother suffered from chronic arthritis. She had many prescriptions from different health practitioners, but we never saw results. When I joined NeoLife, I gave her Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus Mini, along with some other products. Since then, she has become vibrant and healthy! I can confidently say that NeoLife is simply the best!” 

Joana Fosu, Ghana





“Before I joined NeoLife, I suffered from an eye infection and was diagnosed with hypermetropia (longsightedness). It was recommended that I use corrective contact lenses, which I wore throughout my undergraduate days. Two months after joining NeoLife, I began using Smart 8, Carotenoid Complex, Wheat Germ Oil and Tre-en-en. In less than two months, the initial distortion and blurred vision had stopped, as well as the eye strain and headaches. Today, Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus is one of my favourite products! I can see better, far or near. It has helped me, and I am still urging many to try it.” 

Aduragbemi & Joseph Babalola, Nigeria





It has been an exciting journey these past 20 years partnering with NeoLife. It has enriched our lives and given us the opportunity to touch so many other lives in a positive way. What more could we ask for? We hope many more people come to embrace this wonderful Business and experience the financial liberation, freedom of time and the wonderful lifestyle that comes with it. 

For those that are already here, our advice to you is to remain focused, work your Business with integrity and a brilliant future awaits you. We and other long-time leaders are living proof of this.” 

Ochuko & Nannayi Dakat 



“The Diamond Lifestyle experience is an incredible tool that NeoLife’s uses to reward it’s hard-working Distributors. It’s a ‘whoah’ event that every serious, business-building NeoLife Leader should aspire to. We hope there will be a chance to return to Zanzibar Island for another exquisite experience. Diamond Lifestyle Zanzibar 2021 was unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It was a combination of air, sea, and land travel. Especially the sea – sailing across the ocean to an island for sightseeing was unforgettable. We’re so happy we made that trip. It was indeed a vacation for us. Thanks, NeoLife!” John & Hope Kome





Being awarded No. 1 World Team Member caught us by surprise. Our main goal at Convention was to celebrate our award winners, not knowing we were one of them. What matters is the consistency of our previous activities. That is how we achieved this award, and we dedicate it to everyone who is aspiring to win it themselves.” 

Gabriel & Olawale Daramola – Nigeria

No. 1 World Team Members




“We feel honoured and blessed. My wife and I feel motivated to reach out to more people and end the trend of ill health and poverty in every way we can. NeoLife has effective, life-changing products that we just can’t do without. Thank you once again.” 

Merrygold & Evergreen Evans – Nigeria

No. 1 Personal Production





Why did you start your NeoLife Business?As a tertiary student, I joined NeoLife because of the prevailing unemployment rates in Lesotho. NeoLife has provided me with the opportunity to start my business as to not be dependent on government jobs. What advice do you have for younger people that would like to start their business?I urge other youth to take this opportunity with both hands because it is open to everyone who is willing to put in the work. One can achieve financial freedom and personal development. It widens one’s vision to the various achievements you can accomplish. What would you like to achieve with your NeoLife Business?I want to achieve big things with NeoLife.I want to build my business to World Team status so that I can travel the world, which is something I’ve been looking forward to all my life. This is a great opportunity for anyone to change their lives financially and health-wise.




Why did you start your NeoLife Business? 

To be honest, I first started NeoLife because of the money, I want to be rich and enjoy my life. I don’t want my children to struggle the way I did. But as I got to know more about NeoLife, I found out that I can also make other people rich and make them healthy. That motivated me to work even harder. 

What advice do you have for younger people that would like to start their business? 

This is the age to work hard and put in the labour. “Don’t choose comfort at this stage of labour so that you won’t labour at the age of comfort.” 

What would you like to achieve with your NeoLife Business? 

Everything!! I am very happy that I won’t be part of other students that will start looking for jobs after they graduate, instead I’ll have time and financial freedom. I’m also super excited to become a President’s Team Member, where I’ll enjoy everything that NeoLife promises.


I am so proud of who I have become today, though I’m still growing – through my personal determination to be an independent lady. Working on myself, to daily achieve MORE personal development; which has always been my focus. Before finishing my University days, I was opportune to come across “NeoLife” during my NYSC days – which I chose to go for! Because I viewed that after my Youth Corp Service “What next”???

So, I decided to give it a trial. Guess what?? Smiling…I joined “NeoLife Business Network” as a Distributor with my “ALLOWANCE PAY” that we all know as “ALLAWEE” and I never regretted it for a day.

Oluwafunmilayo Ogunsola – Nigeria

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