Blocked Fallopian Tubes Management

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• Helps guard your health against environmental and free radical challenges.
• Contains Vitex, found to help normalise hormonal imbalances.
• A potent natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal, clears off Infections including STD’s
• Rid off Human papilloma virus (HPV) and vital tissues of the vagina walls.
• Zinc has been shown to improves fertility chances and healthy eggs production*!

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes Management

Fallopian tubes are female reproductive organs that connect the ovaries and the uterus. Every month during ovulation, which occurs roughly in the middle of a menstrual cycle, the fallopian tubes carry an egg from an ovary to the uterus.

Conception also happens in the fallopian tube. If an egg is fertilized by sperm, it moves through the tube to the uterus for implantation. If a fallopian tube is blocked, the passage for sperm to get to the eggs, as well as the path back to the uterus for the fertilized egg, is blocked. Common reasons for blocked fallopian tubes include scar tissue, infection, and pelvic adhesions.

Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian Tubes:
Blocked fallopian tubes don’t often cause symptoms. Many women don’t know they have blocked tubes until they’re unable to get pregnant, trying unfruitful for several months.

In some cases, blocked fallopian tubes can lead to mild, regular pain on one side of the abdomen. This usually happens in a type of blockage called a hydrosalpinx. This is when fluid fills and enlarges a blocked fallopian tube. Conditions that can lead to a blocked fallopian tube can cause different symptoms. Example, Endometriosis often causes very painful, heavy periods and pelvic pain. It can increase your risk for blocked fallopian tubes.

Effect on Fertility:
Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of Infertility. Sperm and an egg meet in the fallopian tube for fertilization. A blocked tube can prevent them from joining. If both tubes are fully blocked, pregnancy without treatment will be impossible. If the fallopian tubes are partially blocked, you can potentially get pregnant. However, the possible risk of an ectopic pregnancy increases enormously in many women.

This is because it’s harder for a fertilized egg to move through a blockage to the uterus. In these cases, your doctor might recommend an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), depending on whether treatment is possible. If only one Fallopian Tube is blocked, the blockage most likely won’t affect fertility because an egg can still travel through the unaffected fallopian tube. Fertility drugs can help increase your chance of ovulating on the open side.

Causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes:
Fallopian tubes are usually blocked by scar tissue or pelvic adhesions. These can be caused by many factors, including:
1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – This disease can cause scarring or hydrosalpinx.
Endometriosis. Endometrial tissue can build up in the fallopian tubes and cause a blockage. Endometrial tissue on the outside of other organs can also cause adhesions that block the fallopian tubes.
2. Certain Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can cause scarring and lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.
3. Past Ectopic Pregnancy – This can scar the fallopian tubes.
4. Fibroids – These growths can block the fallopian tube, particularly where they attach to the uterus.
5. Past Abdominal Surgery – Past surgery, especially on the fallopian tubes themselves, can lead to pelvic adhesions that block the tubes.
You can’t prevent many causes of blocked fallopian tubes. However, you can decrease your risk of STIs by using a condom during sex.

Complications of Blocked Fallopian Tubes:
The most common complication of blocked fallopian tubes and treatment is ectopic pregnancy. If a fallopian tube is partially blocked, an egg may be able to be fertilized, but it may get stuck in the tube. This results in an ectopic pregnancy, which is a medical emergency. Surgery that removes part of the fallopian tube also increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Because of these risks, doctors often recommend IVF instead of surgery for women with blocked fallopian tubes who are otherwise healthy.

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Clinical Health Benefits:
• Zinc has been shown to improve fertility chances and healthy eggs production*
• Contains Vitex, helps restore feminine function by re-balancing your hormone system.
• Combats all forms of infections; bacteria, virus and/or fungi.
• Helps to treat all irregular menstruation abnormalities.
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• Vitamin C is robbed from our bodies daily by stress, sugar, alcohol, smoking and also by some drugs like antibiotics, aspirin, contraceptives, pain killers and steroids!
• Proprietary time-release delivery, with optimal nutrient level protection over 6hours
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