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A Fresh Beginning with Horlinks

Congratulations on your making the decision that can enable you take control of your health, not only physically but also financially. Thousands of others like you have achieved success in NEOLIFE, and so can you! Welcome to being a partner with our parent company – NEOLIFE INTERNATIONAL.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family as we all take this wellness journey together, with our Business Team! Achieving successes as a Leader – earn, live, be happier and staying healthier! As we are revamping the supplementation world, moving into the new normal, where digital technology and information is able to give us the answers to the much expected results people seek daily. 


With healthy cash flow, high returns on your invested capitals and a long-term prospecting for global expansion and technically creation of home-made jobs. We say, join our DIRECT SELLING business opportunity today – the fastest-growing business models in our today’s world; identified by accomplished business people as Warren Buffett, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Randy Gage and certified by recognized international journals as the Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, TIME, U.S News & World Report, USA Today, The New York Time and The Wall Street Journal.

There’s never been a better time to become a NEOLIFE’s Distributor. This is a company with a long-range vision that values people; its distributors, their families and their health. Joining NEOLIFE will help you maintain good health, accumulate wealth and have the freedom to enjoy those exotic, exciting lifestyles. This business can and has stood the test of time, it’s been successful for over 60 years+, with her market existence in more than 72 countries worldwide.

NEOLIFE’s Mission – To daily help improve people’s health by offering the best recommendations of her mother nature’s rich supplements and best business opportunity in the direct selling industry or networks; using her Nutritional Whole-food Supplements and her Business Plans*!

NEOLIFE’s Vision – To create viable healthcare service to everyone, improving on people’s lives.

NeoLife’s Core Values – Central To Our Culture!

  • ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY – Is at the core of who we are and reflected in all that we do. We expect the same from you as a member of the NeoLife family.
  • PEOPLE ARE NUMBER ONE – Treat others the way you want to be treated. This includes individual respect, dignity, kindness, acknowledging one another uniqueness.
  • PRODUCTS THAT WORK – Unique and superior products, with no compromised quality. Guaranteed by and developed under the guidance of NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board.
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL – No matter your age, gender, experience, race, religion, or creed; you are welcomed into our global family.
  • LONG RANGE VISION – Guides decisions and actions for the well-being of both existing and future NeoLife family members, like you!

NEOLIFE’s core values inspires everyday actions – helping to fulfill our mission of making the world a healthier and happier place!


Start-up registration fees to have you become a Licensed Distributor with NeoLife International in Nigeria – have two available options:


(Residents in Nigeria ONLY). Both are available in English and in French Language.

Horlinks – a product of Anchorage Link Services Limited® is making a vast difference at providing her e-Commerce online retailing marketplace, for our business strength. With more simplified approaches in getting these “mother-nature” dietary wholefood supplements available to all; for our daily nutritional needs. A key element that makes our team’s Network Marketing Business more prolific to belong to. We have developed this systematic platform for individuals who wants to digitalize their sales and build a successful MLM Business!


  • Increase in sales formula.
  • New open grounds and opportunities.
  • Work at the comfort of your homes or offices, PART-TIME or FULL-TIME.
  • Little requirements of your efforts or labours.
  • Must be 18 years and above to participate.
  • National Identification Number (NIN); is mandatory.
  • Generating an additional source of income, without losing MONEY and TIME.
  • You actually don’t do ANYTHING, as your money works for you.
  • A life time business opportunity towards achieving your financial goals.
  • Achieve financial freedom, as your immediate team grows with time.
  • Earn incentives from NEOLIFE, as you grow and develop your own team.
  • International travels are guaranteed – when you become a Sapphire Director.
  • Get your own personalized web link with NEOLIFE International. 
  • You don’t have to seek for prospects to sign-up with you, nor looking for buyers for your products. Assuredly, our tech-driven sales funnel is 100% functional.
  • We do all the selling on our EC-store (


NEOLIFE’s U; visit Communicate your interests to us today via our official WhatsApp hotline on +234-9029477510 or through our e-mail at

As our team’s business development coordinator shall relate to you how to get registered with us. We shall likewise demographically unveil to you steps to use to “leverage” into our network marketing business, wherever you are located within Nigeria. As we use our tech-driven tool (; to push our sales.

We would give you guidelines to developing your own business and that of your immediate team members – as you use and share these NEOLIFE’s Supplements.

NEOLIFE brings to us all The Business of The 21st Century – a business without boundaries. We are proud to have you take a decision to partner with us; and join our community of wellness leaders around the world – who are making positive difference and giving other people hope for a better future through better health and financial freedom.


To continue leveraging on your direct selling healthcare distribution business with NEOLIFE International, our membership is RENEWABLE yearly!

More so, persons living within Nigeria ONLY; are welcomed to joining our business with our in-house Horlinks’ FAST TRACK registration options available. Either as a “MANAGER” a “SENIOR MANAGER” or as an “EXECUTIVE MANAGER” respectively; click this link for many benefits it offers!

Joining NEOLIFE’s Multi-Level Marketing Business today brings you that long-awaited company of people to daily work with; as an Independent healthcare provider with NEOLIFE International; formerly known as (GNLD); Golden Neo-life Diamite International.

Welcome to NEOLIFE – A Business Built on Vision and Belief!

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