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What career paths have given you that unlimited monthly leverage, in achieving the much-needed lifestyle you desire? If you have always dreamt of taking full control of your income source, working in your own time and space, and having complete financial freedom? 

Welcome to creating a distinct career path with HORLINKS.


No matter who you are or what you’ve achieved both academically and skillfully – become a Dream Achiever at your pace. Be the spotlight, and achieve MORE with our business strategies.

Unlock your keys for a Lifelong Financial freedom!

Become an independent, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business partner with our parent company (NEOLIFE International); as you start leveraging on your income(s).

TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR BUSINESS – TAKE OWERSHIP OF YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE! It’s all about what you’re willing to put into life, making it translate into success. True achievable success in Network Marketing, starts by first believing in yourself! Believe in the opportunity and in the products or services – which would definitely transform your lifestyle!


If you must know, the potential of our business is endless and holds so much successes, beyond your wildest imaginations. With our new online presence and structure-based retailing system, you’ll be working with us consistently to reaching your monthly goals; without ANY worries. Crave these words in your mind – POSSIBILITIES surrounds every IMPOSSIBILITIES! Which do you see daily?

In the mist of many daily uncertainties and beyond, you can become that entrepreneur with style. Not only for the young ambitious and hustlers, but for everyone interested in refining the goals and objectives in life. So, the evolving landscape of our business, changes with several essential elements needed to moving forward and climbing the ladder of success.


With the introduction of – we are not only redefining GNLD NEOLIFE’s conventional models of getting interested people involved with our distributorship business; we are propelling us towards many new heights. We huge you to decide and clinch to us now!,32.htm


The prevailing unemployment and unskilled rates of young Nigerians are increasingly devastating yearly? The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) recently reported unemployment rates of 5.3 percent in (Q4, 2022) and 4.1 percent in (Q1, 2023); based on the new Nigeria Labour Force Survey (NLFS). As of 2021, the total unemployed population in Nigeria was then estimated at a peak of around 6.3 million; according to Statista on the 4th October, 2023.

Anchorage Link Services Limited® the umbrella company for (HORLINKS) – have crafted a methodology with our tech-driven system, to help many interested Africans get engaged by themselves, for themselves but NOT by themselves! We ask – WHAT CHARACTERS HAVE YOU DEVELOPED TOWARDS MONEY ACQUISITION?

Become a GNLD NEOLIFE Entrepreneur Today!

Creating self-empowerment for yourself, by building a business

Giving employment opportunities to numerous job-seekers and harnessing the better life thereafter. Our protégé educates us that – the RICH people of this world build networks, while others are busy looking for WORK! As you now decide to start building your own network of business with us, you have discovered a system that brings you fortunes.

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