Lupus Management


• Important for healthy skin and connective tissue.
• Neutralizes toxins and prevent chemicals from causing free radical damages to our Cells.
• Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood which support our vital organs.
• Repairs bruises, injuries and builds up healthy collagen and revitalizes the skin.
• Maintenance of normal immune system’s function, during and after intense physical stress.
• Helps renew our body metabolism by retarding the aging process.

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Lupus Management

Lupus is a long-term autoimmune disease, causing the body’s immune system to become hyperactive and thus attacks healthy tissue. Due to its complex nature, lupus is sometimes known as the “disease of a thousand faces.”

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, around 16,000 new cases of lupus are reported in U.S each year, and up to 1.5 million may be living with this condition. More so, there are several kinds of lupus, including the systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), cutaneous lupus (such as discoid lupus erythematosus [DLE]), drug-induced lupus (DIL) and neonatal lupus.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus – comprising 70% of lupus cases, as it affects multiple organs and systems throughout the body. SLE symptoms range from mild to severe, causing inflammation on the – skin, joints, lungs, kidneys, blood, heart.
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus – affects only the skin. DLE appears as circular lesions on the scalp and face, can also appear on other parts of the body. The lesions tend to be red and may become thick and scaly.
Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus – refers to skin lesions that appears on parts of the body that have exposure to the sun. These lesions do not cause scarring but may cause skin discoloration.
Drug-induced Lupus – an autoimmune condition caused by certain medications. The symptoms tend to be similar to those in SLE, but are often less severe. With over 100 medications known as potential causes of DIL.
Neonatal Lupus – occurs in infants when their birth parent passes certain antibodies through the placenta during pregnancy; may cause skin rash, liver problems and low blood counts. Some infants may have a congenital heart block, not able to regulate normal and rhythmic pumping action.

With NO exact cause. Though our immune system protects our body from foreign bodies like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxins; and also clears away dead or faulty cells. A person with lupus, your immune system don’t differentiate between unwanted substances, or antigens, and healthy tissues. As, your immune system directs antibodies against both healthy tissues and antigens, causes swelling, pain, and tissue damage.

Symptoms of Lupus: fatigue, muscle and joint pain, fever, chest pain when breathing deeply, sensitivity to sunlight, mouth ulcers, memory problems, malar rash, a red-butterfly shaped rash across the nose and cheeks, headaches, unusual hair loss, pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress, known as Raynaud’s disease, and also arthritis.

People with lupus have a higher risk of pregnancy loss, preterm birth, and preeclampsia, a dangerous condition that includes high blood pressure. Living with constant fatigue and pain of lupus can take its toll on both your mind and body, but steps can be taken to improve the quality of your life. A person should eat balanced diets that contains fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and a moderate amount of protein. Clinically, we also recommend a delibrate lifestyle changes*! Let’s help you manage your health; with our “mother-nature’s” approach in building your immunity optimally with our Essential Nutritional Dietary Supplements by NEOLIFE;
1. Vitamin E 200 I.U in 60 Softgels; take 3 softgels daily.
2. Chelated Zinc in 100 Tablets; take 2 tablets daily.
3. Vitamin C. Sustained Release in 100 Tablets; take 4 tablets daily.
4. Phyto-Defense in 30 Sachets; take 2 sachets daily.
5. Pro Vitality+ in 30 Sachets; take 2 sachets daily.

Clinical Health Benefits:
• Interrelated nutrients, B-vitamins help to metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
• Important for healthy skin and connective tissue. Chelated Zinc™ may assist in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and minimise the severity and duration of seasonal challenges.
• Maintenance of normal growth and development, skin and vision.
• Normal psychological function and mental performance.
Vitamin E gives best antioxidant protection.
• Helps renew our body metabolism by retarding the aging process.
• Promotes internal and external healing and helps eliminates headaches.
• As an essential nutrient, it is a factor in the maintenance of good health.
• Promotes healing (internal and external).
• Readily enhance the body’s antioxidant defence naturally.
• Helps to detoxify the body from toxins, mercury, and lead especially as city dwellers.
• Enhances immune function and works with Vitamin E to provide antioxidant support.
• For proper healing of wounds and repairs.
• It is anti-aging, and can help anaemia and mercury poisoning.
• Repairs bruises, injuries and builds up healthy collagen and revitalizes the skin.
• Normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, skin, gums and teeth.
• Normal function of the immune and nervous systems, as well as psychological function.
• Maintenance of normal immune system’s function, during and after intense physical stress.
• NeoLife’s antioxidants and phyto-nutrients products provides the B-vitamins riboflavin, niacin, and pyridoxine to help detoxify foreign substances inhaled or ingested.
• Provides phyto-nutrients that our bodies need to fully protect itself against the dreaded lifestyle-related and/or chronic diseases.
• Carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin are highly concentrated in the retina where they perform very important physical and metabolic protective functions.
• Neutralizes toxins and prevent chemicals from causing free radical damages to our Cells.
• Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood which support our vital organs.
• Helps you to look younger and stronger. Restores weak eyesight.
• Prevents the onset of colds and help strengthens the immune system.
Each packet of Pro Vitality provides daily whole food nutrition for lifelong health and vitality from whole grains, fruits & vegetables, fish and vitamins & minerals*!
Powerful nutrients that support: Abundant Energy, Powerful Antioxidant Protection, Lifelong Heart Health, Optimum Immune Strength, Healthy Brain Function, Flexible, Healthy Joints, Clear Vision, Youthful Skin, Hair and Nails, Lifelong Cellular Health and Natural Genetic Anti-Aging Function
Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates
FEED YOUR CELLS – ENHANCE YOUR ENERGY The world’s first and only whole grain lipid and sterol supplement proven to enhance your energy and vitality by optimizing cellular nutrition. A study conducted at Texas A&M University showed it improved nutrient utilization efficiency*!
Carotenoid Complex™
PROTECT YOUR CELLS – OPTIMIZE YOUR IMMUNITY The world’s first and only whole food supplement clinically proven by USDA researchers to protect heart health, and boost immune function. It provides the protective power of carotenoids from whole fruits and vegetables. A high potency formulation of broad-spectrum carotenoids—so unique we patented it!
Salmon Oil Plus™
BALANCE YOUR CELLS – MAXIMIZE GOOD HEALTH Clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular health, and to lower inflammatory index by 68% in just eight weeks. This pure and potent fish oil is complete with standardized amounts of all eight omega-3s and screened for over 200 potential contaminants.
Essential Vitamin & Mineral Complex
NOURISH YOUR CELLS – MORE THAN JUST A MULTI Based on over 50 years of nutritional expertise, this proprietary blend of 21 essential vitamins and minerals helps bridge the dietary gap prevalent in many of today’s diets. Includes exclusive plant sourced enzymes to support digestion and absorption of critical nutrients*!

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The Right Supportive Formulas by Food and Nutrition Board, Institutes of Medicine Dietary Reference! The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) seal guarantees you the finest, safest, most effective products in the world. Ensuring your body gets the BESTS of maintenance with NEOLIFE’s rich Vitamins & Minerals!
Clinically Tested and Proven Nutritional Whole-food Supplements from mother-nature.

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