Vita Guard


• Exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients, to maximise cellular protection.
• Provides whole complete antioxidant protection for children from fruit and vegetable concentrates.
• To help provide antioxidant nutrients that protect cells.
• Supports immature immune systems, and protect cells from oxidative damage spurred by children’s physical activity.
• Contains zinc, to help maintain immune function.
• Counter free radicals generated by sunlight, smog, ozone, pesticides, food additives, smokes, drugs etc.

BENEFITS: Optimal Well-being, Antioxidants Vitamins A, C & E, Carotenoids, Flavonoids, Zinc, Immunosupporting, Fights Free Radicals. Includes Carotenoid and Flavonoid Blends – antioxidants from whole foods protect both lipid regions and watery portions of cells.

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NEOLIFE Vita Guard in 120 Chewable Tablets


Free radicals can harm cells, be they young or old. This damage may accumulate and manifest as threats to the body’s well-being later in life. The earlier a person begins consuming a diet rich in antioxidants from whole foods and whole-food supplements, the greater the protection from free-radical damage. Benefits may show up in childhood in the form of a stronger defence system, or they may manifest themselves during adulthood as slowed onset of the effects of ageing. Vita Guard delivers a broad spectrum of whole-food antioxidants to help protect cells and tissues. It’s an investment worth making to maximise your child’s chances for optimal well-being, both now and in the future.

Some of the most crucial factors in the nutritional foundation children are building fora lifetime of optimal well-being, are the protective antioxidant nutrients. They receive some of their greatest threats during childhood yet their defence systems are still immature. Antioxidant phyto-nutrients such as carotenoids and flavonoids from fruits and vegetables have been shown to be immune supporting. Antioxidant protection is doubly important for children as they burn more energy in a day than many adults twice their size. This high energy output for growth, development and general activity produces unwanted free radicals. Despite this need, studies show that children’s diets are often lacking the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables and thus are deficient in such antioxidant nutrients as vitamins A, C & E, the carotenoids, flavonoids and zinc.

Childhood can be a hazardous time for both kids and parents. Children face obvious threats, such as a car speeding through an intersection that must be crossed. They also encounter mysterious hazards, such as electrical sockets, paint thinner and pesticides, and invisible villains that challenge their immune systems.

While parents try their best to protect their offspring, certain unalterable ‘facts of childhood’ create both hidden and obvious health hazards for children:
• Children are dynamos, burning enormous amounts of energy to fuel their sky-high metabolisms, maintain their tremendous growth and development and support physical activity levels that would exhaust most adults.
• Children’s poor diets are typically characterised by too much fat, too many highly processed foods, and not enough fruits and vegetables.
• Children are routinely exposed to environmental pollutants such as smog, ozone, cigarette smoke and pesticides.
• Children’s immature immune systems are constantly exposed to challenges in the course of their various activities and explorations.

All of these “facts of childhood” have one thing in common: They increase children’s needs for antioxidant protection. The reason is because these situations all generate destructive free radicals. Antioxidants help protect cells, as well as strengthen the body’s immune system so children are better able to meet the many challenges they face on a daily basis. Kilogram for kilogram, children’s requirements for certain antioxidant nutrients (for instance, vitamins C and E) are greater than those of adults.

What are free radicals and how do they harm cells? Free radicals can form as by-products of oxidation, a normal chemical reaction in cells that provides energy for physical activity and other life functions. But oxidation can also cause destruction, examples of which can be seen in rusting iron or rancid butter. Free radicals can also be created by physical activity, sunlight, smog, ozone, pesticides, food additives, cigarette smoke, many drugs and other substances to which children are exposed as a matter of course. Just as termites jeopardise the structural integrity of a house, free radicals undermine the cellular architecture upon which good present and future well-being depends. The damage accumulates over time, eventually crippling cells’ abilities to perform their vital functions.

Nature’s Solution To Free-Radical Damage?
Free-radical damage compromises the quality and well-being of cells in the short term, but eventually it may “snowball”, leading to age-related signs of decline. While manifestation of these signs have long been accepted as inevitable consequences of Father Time, it may be possible to forestall or prevent the cellular damage that precedes them.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has a solution to the free-radical problem. It has packaged antioxidant nutrients in the fruit and vegetables we eat to prevent their spoilage. But they also may forestall our “spoilage”. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and flavonoids, for instance, protect the watery regions of cells, whereas the vitamin E family and carotenoids defend their fatty regions, particularly the membranes through which cells absorb nutrients and excrete waste. Zinc and selenium are also crucial components of the body’s natural antioxidant enzyme systems. Nature was indeed wise to put these antioxidant nutrients together in the foods we eat, because research suggests that combinations of antioxidants are more effective than larger quantities of any single antioxidant.

How Do Antioxidants Provide Protection? As long as the body has abundant antioxidants, free radicals are held in check. But when the antioxidant defence team becomes overwhelmed, free radicals can initiate destructive reactions. For instance, a typical human cell undergoes 10,000 oxidative “hits” to its DNA every day! Antioxidants may boost the body’s immune system. In a study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, for instance, NeoLife’s Carotenoid Complex, many ingredients of which are found in Vita Guard, was shown to bring about a 37% upswing in the immune system of study participants. It is likely that the family of carotenoids in Vita Guard will strengthen children’s defences and help them meet the many challenges of childhood.

How Much Antioxidant Protection Is Optimal? Antioxidants destroy free radicals. In the process, however, the antioxidants themselves are either destroyed or re-activated, so they must constantly be replenished. How much antioxidant protection a person needs depends on metabolic rate, lifestyle, diet and general well-being. Since most children have high metabolisms, active lifestyles, poor diets and constant exposure to challenges, their antioxidant needs can be great.

We’re Not Taking Full Advantage Of Nature’s Wonderful Gift
Virtually all of the world’s major health organisations recommend high-produce diets. 5-13 servings of fruit and vegetables are usually recommended each day for optimal well-being.
Vita Guard Fills The Antioxidant Gap And Protects Your Child’s Cells
You wouldn’t depend on buying a lottery ticket to pay for your child’s university education. Similarly, optimal well-being is a lifetime need too important to leave to chance. It requires planning. Just as you’d put money in an education fund to provide for your child’s future, so should you invest in his or her well-being. Oxidative damage can accumulate and cause challenges to well-being later in life. The earlier you provide your child with antioxidants, the greater the protective benefit. Benefits may show up in childhood in the form of a stronger immune system, or they may manifest themselves during adulthood as slowed onset of the effects of ageing.

Complete antioxidant protection, specially designed to meet the needs of children from the time they can comfortably chew a tablet – with the antioxidant nutrients they’re most likely to be missing. Includes Carotenoid and Flavonoid Blends, exclusive to NeoLife. These broad-spectrum antioxidants from wholefoods protect both lipid regions and watery portions of cells. Convenient dose contains phyto-nutrients equivalent to one serving of fruits and vegetables. Chewable tablets, with a great tasting flavour derived from fruit essences. Contains no any artificial flavours, no artificial colours and no preservatives. Sweetened with fructose and fruit juice concentrates. Contains no sucrose and no synthetic sweeteners.

NEOLIFE ‘s Vita Guard – Chewable Antioxidant
Protective nutrients from concentrated fruits and vegetables to enhance immune function and resistance to day-to-day challenges.*Immune-powering nutrition from fruits and vegetables that maybe missing in children’s diets* Whole-food carotenoids and flavonoids for broadspectrum protection* Zinc and selenium maximise children’s defences, so they feel their absolute best. Irresistible fruit flavoured chewable tablets. No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives added.

Key Health Benefits:
• Provides antioxidant nutrients typically deficient in children’s diets at a time when cellular protection ismost crucial.
• Provides whole complete antioxidant protection for children from fruit andvegetable concentrates.
• Contains selenium to work synergistically with vitamin E.
• Contains zinc, to help maintain immune function.
• Nature’s own sweeteners – fructose and fruit-juice concentrates (grape, orange, apple).
• No sucrose.
• Nature’s own fruit essence flavouring with no artificial colours or preservatives.
• Vita Guard is the only children’s chewable tablet to deliver a broad spectrum of flavonoids from naturally occurring whole foods: cranberries, green tea, mixed berries, lemons and oranges.
• Exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (plant nutrients) was specially formulated by our Scientific Advisory Board to maximise cellular protection.
• Deliver broad-spectrum carotenoids from naturally occurring whole foods: carrots, apricots, peaches, strawberries and tomatoes.
• Counter free radicals generated by sunlight, smog, ozone, pesticides, food additives, cigarette smoke, drugs and other substances to which children areroutinely exposed.
• To help support immature immune systems, and protect cells from oxidative damage spurredby children’s high levels of physical activity.
• To help provide antioxidant nutrients that protects cells.
• Protect children’s delicate tissues and organsat a time when the rapid metabolic rate needed to support tremendous growth and development is also generating free radicals.

Vita Guard is the only children’s chewable tablet to deliver beta-carotene with the other carotenoid family members that exist in foods, such as alpha-carotene,gamma-carotene, zeta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-cryptoxanthin. It’s an excellent source of vitamin A from the human food chain and it offers broader protection of cell membranes. Similarly, our Vita Guard contains the entire vitamin E family of tocopherols and tocotrienols as they exist in natural foods,not just the most common member in isolation (alpha-tocopherol). The benefit is more complete protection for cell membranes.

Based in Nature, Backed by science
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Clinically Tested and Proven Nutritional Whole-food Supplements from mother-nature.

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