Warts Management

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• Foundation nutrients essential for smooth, soft and ample Skin.
• Natural antimicrobial properties* 4,200 mcg of Allicin from pure garlic powder.
• Supplies needful nutrients for the skin’s healthy appearance and looks.
• Promotes the body’s natural detoxifying processes, by eliminating unwanted elements.
• Helps to detoxify the glands and the organs and our tissues.

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Warts Management

Common warts are small, grainy skin growths that occurs most often on your fingers or hands. Rough to the touch, common warts also often feature a pattern of tiny black dots, which are small, clotted blood vessels.

Common warts are caused by a virus and are transmitted by touch. It can take a wart as long as two to six months to develop after your skin has been exposed to the virus. Common warts are usually harmless and eventually disappear on their own. But many people choose to remove them because they find them bothersome or embarrassing.

Common Warts Symptoms – occurs on our fingers or hands and may be:
• Small, fleshy, grainy bumps
• Flesh-colored, white, pink or tan
• Rough to the touch
• Sprinkled with black pinpoints, which are small, clotted blood vessels

You are also advised to meet with your doctor if:
• The growths are painful or change in appearance or color.
• You’ve tried treating the warts, but they persist, spread or recur.
• The growths are bothersome and interfere with activities.
• You aren’t sure whether the growths are warts.
• You are an adult and numerous warts begin to appear, which may indicate the immune system is malfunctioning

Causes of Warts
Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is quite common and has more than 150 types, but only a few cause warts on hands. Some strains of HPV are acquired through sexual contact. Most forms, however, are spread by casual skin contact or through shared objects, such as towels or washcloths. The virus usually spreads through breaks in our skin, such as a hangnail or a scrape. Biting our nails also can cause warts to spread on our fingertips and around our nails.

Don’t pick at warts, as it may spread the virus. Don’t use the same emery board, nail clipper on your warts as you use on your healthy skin and nails. We advise that you don’t bite your fingernails. Warts occur more often in skin that has been broken. Nibbling the skin around your fingernails opens the door for the virus.

Groom with care and avoid brushing, clipping or shaving areas that have warts. If you must shave, use an electric razor. As a clinical healthcare management organization, we’d carefully studied a variety of our dietary nutritionals and we recommend that you immediately engage the use of our underlisted wholefood supplements; GMO-free based ingredients*! Needful and very Essential NEOLIFE Supplements for its management USAGE:
1. Vitamin C. Sustained Release in 100 Tablets; take 3 tablets each day.
Also mix with water and apply to the skin, compressed twice weekly*!
2. Chelated Zinc in 100 Tablets; take 2 tablets daily.
3. Garlic Allium Complex in 60 Tablets; take 2 tablets daily.
4. Beta Guard in 100 Tablets; take 3 tablets daily with lots of water.
5. Vitamin E 200 I.U in 60 Softgels; take 2 softgels daily at nights.
Also, break open few softgels, and pour contents into a little container with some natural Aloe Vera Gel plant; and apply as cream on your affected skin surface.

Clinical Health Benefits:
• Holistic plant-based nutritionals helps to clear the Skin and makes it glow.
Gives virus-fighting ingredients that may promote healing externally too.
• Foundation nutrients essential for smooth, soft and ample Skin.
• Structural components for the Skin cells to remain firm without wrinkles, by controlling inflammation, thus fights ANY development as such.
• Supplies needful nutrients for the skin’s healthy appearance and looks.
• Builds up an age-defying Skin protection that revitalizes stressed skin, reinforce natural defences against ageing, and restore skin’s youthful looks.
• Maintaining Skin strength and its elasticity to supporting wound repairs.
• Helps in healing of wounds and or burns.
• Sustained-release delivery system for optimal nutrient level protection for over 6 hours.
• Vitamin C power of eight oranges in each tablet, keeping cells healthy.
• High-potency, high-purity vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids.
• Exclusive Neo-Plex Concentrate for whole-food goodness vitamin C cannot be made or stored in the body. This protector nutrient must be replenished on a daily basis.
• Key to maintaining healthy gums, skin, connective tissue and improved iron absorption.
• An antioxidant which mops up free radicals, prevents Vitamin A and E from oxidation.
• Combats itching effects on the skins due to irritation or harmful substances.
• Helps to fight poor blood sugar breakdown, as this breads additional infections*!
• Vitamin C is robbed from our bodies daily by stress, sugar, alcohol, smoking and also by some drugs like antibiotics, aspirin, contraceptives, pain killers and steroids!
• Repairs bruises and injuries. And builds up healthy collagen and assures firm skin.
• For optimising our immune function and minimising the severity and duration of the adverse effects of seasonal challenges.
• Supports healthy skin, thereby combats defends against Skin deformation & hoarseness.
• Zinc is needed in over 100 of the body’s enzymes involved in a myriad of essential body functions.
• It functions as an antioxidant for our Skin’s protection and is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and the activation of vitamins, especially B vitamins.
• Strong healing activity for wounds, acne, burns and irritations from soreness.
• Supports against the effects of infections and likely environmental hazards.
• Optimizes immune function by providing a full spectrum of protective carotenoids from a variety of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.
• Enhance our Skin’s sensitive outward appearance and helps the sensitive tissues of the skin cells membranes to actively live healthy and stop Skin’s deformation.
• As antioxidants and phyto-nutrients, to assist in protecting our delicate cells, organs and tissues from free radical damage and oxidative stress. Likewise, harmful bacteria too.
• Enhances immune response of white blood cell –“natural killer” cells against infections*!
• Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood for long-term cellular protection against free radical damage*!
• Proprietary formulation that strengthens our body’s natural ability to detoxify and neutralize harmful agents that negatively impact our health*!
• Nutritional defence against damaging free radicals from pollution, exhaust fumes, chemicals, smog and other environmental toxins.
• Helps guard our Skin’s health against environmental and free radical exposures.
• Delivers B-vitamins that assists in detoxifying environmental pollutants.
• Unique synergistic antioxidants, beta-carotene (and other carotenoids from carrots), vitamin C and vitamin E, to trap free radical oxygen and keep our Skin’s cells healthy.
• Exclusive chelation supports improved absorption of beneficial minerals.
• A toxic to cancers and tumours. It detoxifies carcinogens and combats any infection diseases like yeast, fungal and bacteria that might want to cause us Skin irritations*!
• Formulated to assist in defending our body against harmful agents in our air, water, and food.
• Synergistic blend of antioxidants and detoxifying nutrients to help your body interrupt toxic processes and protect against cellular damage from environmental pollutants.
• Helps detoxify foreign substances which are ingested or inhaled.
• B-vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, and pyridoxine, and magnesium, help detoxify foreign substances*!
• Helps protect against heavy metal contamination and helps boost immune function.
• Helps to detoxify the glands and the organs and our tissues.
• Strengthens our body tissues and membrane; thereby increases our body’s resistance against sicknesses and diseases.
• Heals mucous membranes and increases resistance against many known Infections.
• A potent natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal, clears off Infections.
• Natural antimicrobial properties* 4,200 mcg of Allicin from pure garlic powder.
• Restores insulin function needed for sugar metabolism and minimise infection growth.
• Capable of destroying bacteria microorganism effects, from a selected known allium family of vegetables found in garlic, onion, chives and leeks.
• Natural antibiotics that is capable of killing bacteria in any part of the body and/or Skin.
• Fights typical infections of the Skin caused by fungi to disfigure our Skin’s outer layers.

Based in Nature, Backed by science!
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The Right Supportive Formulas by Food and Nutrition Board, Institutes of Medicine Dietary Reference! The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) seal guarantees you the finest, safest, most effective products in the world. Ensuring your body gets the BESTS of maintenance with NEOLIFE’s rich Vitamins & Minerals!
Clinically Tested and Proven Nutritional Whole-food Supplements from nature.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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