6 Stages of Nutrition & Wellness


Digestion is a complex process that depends on many different organs. If any of these organs are not functioning properly, the process of digestion, absorption, and elimination may be compromised. This can result in uncomfortable symptoms of digestive tract problems such as heartburn, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhoea, and flatulence.

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6 Stages of Nutrition & Wellness

Food is a universal need, providing our bodies with the energy and resources required to sustain life. It’s amazing to think how the body’s digestive system turns food from the plate into nutrients the body can absorb and use.

The process of digestion is a complex journey, dependent on numerous organs and support factors to function properly and run smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at how the digestive system works.

1. The role of the digestive system is to break down food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body and expelling leftover waste.
2. Digestion is a complex process and if things go wrong, it can result in uncomfortable symptoms of digestive upset like heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, and more.
3. Lifestyle choices including a healthy, fibre-rich diet, being physically active, getting proper sleep, and limiting stress can help support healthy digestive functioning.

Food moves through the major organs of the digestive system. Accessory organs create and secrete substances to assist with digestion. We all need the knowledge of the essential vitamins and phyto-nutrients – helping us live healthy and sound internally and outward too. If we lack those key nutrients the cells needs to function optimally, we feel sick and stressed.

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