Breast Cancer Prevention, Breast Discomfort & Breastfeeding


Your Breasts, Its Beauty, Softness, Benefits and Dangers!!!

To reduce the painful soreness you experience and trying to prevent Breast Cancer and give you the much benefits of Breastfeeding at your child-bearing ages. Perhaps you’re presently pregnant and you seem disturbed over your inflated and painful breasts underneath you?
Never do. Certainly this is nature’s call as a woman. Are uncomfortable MOSTLY at nights when you’re in bed catching a warm and beautiful sleep?

Absolutely, you’re not alone with this condition. An estimated 70% of women in North America suffer from benign issues. Benign breast disease occurred mostly in females (95.6%) and (3.4%) in males; giving a female to male ratio of 28.6:1. In Hong Kong, India, and Northern Nigeria have similarities different from the Western world.

Transportation of milk in your breasts are affected by fibrocystic changes you experience: lumps, cysts that affects the areas of the fat cells, fibrous tissues and other parts not involved. Looking around our domestic day-to-day living, you will have to agree with us that we all live with x-rays, worms (parasites), tobacco/cigarettes, coals; which are some of the leading factors snatching away our mothers/sisters through this deadly/harmful sickness called Breast Cancer.

“Do you say I don’t smoke and consciously you avoid smokes and parasites to a great extend”.

You MUST know that every woman is at the risk of developing Breast Cancer if;
• You have a history in your family, and occurred before the age of 40 years.
• If you have never been pregnant.
• If you had your first baby after you were 30 years.
• If your period started before the age of 12 years.
• If you menstruated after the age of 50 years.
• If previous mammogram screening shows any forms of abnormalities.
• If you have lumpy breasts.
• If you’d observed one of your breasts is bigger than the other.

If you currently have been diagnosed of having BREAST CANCER or at a risk of experiencing some symptoms as Breast Discomforts? Know your health, get the various knowledge needed to help you counteract the effects most women suffers.

Grab our e-Book on prevention on Breast Cancer development or Breast Discomfort challenges*!
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Breast Cancer Prevention, Breast Discomfort & Breastfeeding


Globally, data reports has comes to show that about 90% of breast lumps are found NOT by doctors or nurses or by a mammograms screening, but by women during their personal breasts’ self-examination in their homes – do you KNOW how to do this compulsory routine yourself?

Your Health Is Priority – Keep It, Guide It!

Recognizing ANY dark pigments around the areola of your Nipples, is eminent to reconsider your breast(s) wellness and beautification. Do you observe your breasts weekly?

Your breasts not only symbolises your firm beauty and promoting your outer expression of feminine boost, its that you that catches eyes views. If your breasts feel inflamed, you might be running a fever or a flu like symptoms. Or perhaps, a Mastitis! If you’re presently lactating – know that your milk isn’t infected for your baby’s delight. Reach out to your baby for the enormous antibiotics present in your milk.

As a young lady/woman,if you discover a “plugged duct” on you Nipples, and not discharging – especially when you meet your cycle. Don’t be afraid, your feminine anatomy, due to your daily activities or a prolonged periods outside nursing; can bring about a painful touch around your succulent flesh. Try to use warmth water over your chest down to your areola in a circular motion with the aid of a clean towel.

Make sure you do a self-massage on both breasts, once in a week to keep keep firm and safe from ANY carcinogenes development or traces. Our graphical illustrations in this eBook will give you some wonderful opportunity to aid prevention, understand and guide your breast’ well-being.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) – a breast lump may appear near the surface of your skin, deeper inside the breasts tissue or closer to your armpit regions. This Benign (non-cancerous) conditions are very predominant among adult women in their child-bearing ages. In Hong Kong, India and the Northern Nigeria – ranging similarities are bound, more different from the Western world.

We know, as a beauty that you are – you MUST actively remain radiant even when you’d clothed your breasts with firmness of its bra-fitting outward of your elegance. Make your breasts’ health much more important as your facial health and beauty. Eat more antioxidant and phyto-nutrient, found in
fruits and greeny-leaf vegetables.

Know those healthy snacks rich for your breasts and skin’s functionality.


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