“May Your Food Be Your MEDICINE and May Your MEDICINE Be Your FOOD”


“May Your Food Be Your MEDICINE and May Your MEDICINE Be Your FOOD”

How To Help You Live More – Live Healthy!
Your Lifestyles, Well-being is key to achieving good health.

What BAD FOOD timely causes –
• Accelerated ageing process
• Weight gains – uncontrollable
• Digestive problems, including bloating, gas and cramps
• Makes you and I feel more drowsy/sluggish or sleepy, and even lethargic
• Plays significant roles and havoc with our concentrations
• Promotes mood swings
• Adversely affects one’s fertility and for men – their Libido characters
• Weakens our joints, clogs our arteries, increases the risks of heart diseases
• Promotes toxic deposits within the body metabolism, that may lead to a cancerous growth later in life
• Our immunity is likewise decreased, triggers headaches, asthma attacks in some persons
• Gives us unhealthy-looking skins, hair and nails

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• The vitamins and minerals you and I need daily to make us live healthy, longer and feel younger?
• Proper nutrition is not want you eat, it is actually what your body receives?

Read more…
• The American Cancer Society estimates that about 80% of all cancers are either directly or indirectly related to chemicals and other toxic agents polluting our environment?
• Know which Zone of Life you presently belong?
• Oranges help maintain great skin and good vision?

Basically, if your diet isn’t healthy, you won’t feel healthy and you won’t feel happy…
Our overcooked vegetables, bad carbs, non-organic foods, bad proteins, refined foods, bad fats, processed foods, all categories may hinder our general Hygiene and Well-being in Life!


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